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Please do not bring a sick child

We want you and your child here, but we have so many who need to stay healthy and we appreciate caution. If your child has shown symptoms with fever, vomitting, or diarhea in the last 24 hours plesae stay home and contact us for options.


Cancellations or Returns

At Venture Robotics we strive to give you a unique experience. Our party events offer a fun and interactive event with our tools, robots, inflatable tent and so much more.  We do use these items for multiple parties and we do our best to provide clean and working devices and tools. We ask that all party participants respect the value of the property we own and treat items with care. Venture Robotics also ask customers to have a clean and safe space for the party event. the site needs to be free of dangerous debris or items that can puncture or poke through the tent.

Venture Robotics asks that an adult representing the children involved in the party always be present. Party participants are expected to listen and follow instructions to have fun and be safe. A party event can only be booked by an individual 18 years or older and participants must have a waiver signed.

Venture Robotics reserves the right to cancel an event for the following reasons:

An adult representing the party participants is not in attendance the whole time;

If participants are disrespectful of Venture Robotics property;

If the location is deemed unsafe or not fit for the event.

Venture Robotics reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

Full payment for the party or event will be required at the time of booking. 

Customers may cancel a party and receive a refund for inclement weather.

Customers may cancel an event a month out from the even and receive full refund. Customers may cancel an even two weeks out and receive half of their money back.

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