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Venture Screen Coins

Venture Screen Coins

Introducing Venture Robotics Screen Coins: Embrace a Summer of Boundless Possibilities!

Are you tired of the constant battle with screens during the summertime? Do you long for a more balanced and fulfilling family experience? Venture Robotics is here to revolutionize your summer routine with our innovative Screen Coins! Say goodbye to excessive tablet, phone, TV, and computer use, and rediscover the joys of real-life interactions and outdoor adventures.

With Venture Robotics Screen Coins, we've crafted a simple and effective system to help you regain control over screen time. Our unique coins can be earned through a variety of meaningful activities around the house, fostering a sense of responsibility and accomplishment in your family.


  • More on how the coins are used!

    Here's how it works:

    • Chore Champion: Turn mundane household tasks into rewarding experiences. Assign age-appropriate chores to your kids and reward them with Screen Coins upon completion. From tidying up their rooms to helping with dishes or laundry, watch as their motivation to contribute skyrockets.

    • Literary Explorers: Ignite a love for reading while minimizing screen reliance. Encourage your children to embark on exciting literary adventures and reward them with Screen Coins for every book they read. Imagination knows no bounds when the world unfolds through the pages of a good book!

    • Family Bonding: Foster stronger connections within your family. Plan engaging activities that don't involve screens, such as family game nights, picnics, or nature walks. Award Screen Coins for active participation, encouraging quality time spent together.

    • Creative Pursuits: Unleash the artist within! Encourage your kids to explore their creativity through drawing, painting, writing, or any other artistic endeavors. As they unleash their imaginations, reward their efforts with Screen Coins, motivating them to embrace their unique talents.

    By integrating Venture Robotics Screen Coins into your summer routine, you'll witness a remarkable shift in your family dynamics. Instead of mindlessly staring at screens, your loved ones will engage in activities that promote personal growth, creativity, and overall well-being.

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