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Basic MBOT Build or Drive only party

Basic MBOT Build or Drive only party

Step 1: Call or email Venture Robotics to discuss when you want to have a party.
Step 2: Decide if you want to have a theme with the party - we can 3D print characters.
Step 3:  invite friends.

This party, designed for eight or fewer participants focuses on the build of a cute blue, green or pink robot made of aluminum and steel. The build takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the focus of the group. The party can be more focused on driving or coding the bot to do tasks. The party will be a 90-minute event and includes the following:

*Invitation Template (see menu items at top)
*Party Host
* Set up at our venue or your chosen site
*Birthday Banner  (Venture Robotics colors )
*use of Venture Robotics owned MBOT
*props for the party theme  
*table surface for the robot build and drive
*party 3D printed souvenirs
*8 plates, cups and napkins (Venture Robotics colors) no food provided
*music if desired

    Excluding Sales Tax
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